Nissan sponsorship portfolio: synergy impact

Blauw Sponsorship Impact has been involved in Nissan’s international sponsoring strategy since 2014, the year that the car brand started to sponsor the UEFA Champions League. Very soon Nissan Global realised that, apart from the UEFA Champions League evaluation, we could also help them analyse and optimise their entire international sponsorship portfolio. Currently we measure the impact of several global sponsorships on the Nissan brand, in different sponsorship domains like football and racing.

measure the impact of several global sponsorships

Nissan sponsorship portfolio

Nissan chooses a focus domain for their sponsoring strategy for each continent or combination of continents in order to cover the entire globe. All sponsorships are activated globally or regionally.

  • City Football Group
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Formula E (F1 for electric cars)
  • US College Sport
  • Cricket

Uniformity in all trackers: ROO + ROI

We help Nissan to gain a clear understanding of how all their sponsorships impact on the brand and reinforce the emotional connection with consumers. The insights from our sponsorship effectiveness studies help to optimise their sponsoring efforts. We ensure that the impact studies are carried out in a uniform manner. Surveys are set-up in a consistent way and we use the same analyses to measure the impact of activations and campaigns. These analyses consist of both ROO (return on objectives) and ROI (return on investment).

  • ROO: what does sponsoring do to the brand opinion, brand image and brand funnel conversion?
  • ROI: what is the impact of sponsoring on the (claimed) purchase behaviour of Nissan cars?

Clearly, all this is done taking account of the available budget for each sponsorship (campaign), the phase of the sponsorship, Nissan’s specific circumstances in certain countries and so on.

Synergy impact: sponsorship portfolio

On top of the analyses per sponsorship, campaign and activation, having direct and immediate access to the entire sponsorship portfolio research offers Nissan an additional advantage. Thanks to our uniform research method, we are able to measure the synergy impact from two (or more) sponsorships on the brand. Blauw Sponsorship Impact knows from experience that sponsorships can be mutually reinforcing. Example: a consumer who is interested in two domains from the Nissan sponsorship portfolio, such as the UEFA Champions League and Formula E, has a better connection with the Nissan brand.

What’s more, Sponsorship Impact can also track whether the synergy impact grows over time and which specific sponsorship campaigns have contributed to increased impact in which markets.

Want to know more about the effect of all sponsoring efforts around UCL?

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