Impact measurement of Team Jumbo-Visma sponsorship

Hema has sponsored the Jumbo-Visma Cycling Team since 1 January 2020. Boasting world stars like Wout van Aert and Primož Roglič, Team Jumbo-Visma is one of the most successful teams in contemporary cycling. Blauw Sponsorship Impact examined how the HEMA brand had benefited from the first year of cycling sponsorship, particularly surrounding the Tour de France.

Impact measurement Team Jumbo-Visma sponsorship

HEMA: Fan of cycling

Nowhere in the world is cycling such an integral part of daily life as in the Netherlands. So the partnership between the quintessentially Dutch company Hema and Team Jumbo-Visma is a natural match. To emphasise this bond, HEMA launched a Tour de France-themed online and social campaign with the slogan: ‘HEMA is fan of cycling’.

The main objectives were to give HEMA insight into:

  • Sponsor awareness
  • Impact of the sponsorship on the HEMA brand (brand values, loyalty and ROI)
  • Awareness of the ‘Fan of Cycling’ campaign & the campaign’s contribution to the sponsorship impact
  • Which media channels fans use to follow cycling

In addition, Blauw Sponsorship Impact provided insight into the image of cycling and Team Jumbo-Visma as well as into the unused potential for HEMA.

Set-up of the HEMA study

Immediately after the Tour de France we carried out a sponsorship impact measurement and repeated this exercise during a quieter period in the cycling season. Drawing on a large representative sample of Dutch and Belgian consumers, we zoomed in on key HEMA target groups such as families (men and women with children living at home). We did this both in the Netherlands and Belgium.

How can HEMA benefit from these results?

This impact measurement gives HEMA insight into the strengths as well as the points for improvement in the partnership with Team Jumbo-Visma. Blauw Sponsorship Impact enables HEMA to:

  • Monitor how far the sponsorship efforts help to reach the target group & promote a positive brand image
  • Understand which sponsorship activations contribute (the most) to this
  • Identify opportunities and threats for maintaining and growing the sponsorship impact
  • Track over time the extent to which HEMA’s sponsorship efforts help to grow sponsorship impact

Want to know more about measuring sponsoring effect for your sponsorship?

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