Amstel Gold Race: Event & Sponsorship evaluation

Amstel Gold Race is a one-day cycling classic, held each year in April since 1966. Blauw Research contributes to the optimisation of the Amstel Gold Race by providing organizer Amstel with yearly insights into the evaluation of the event and the impact on the Amstel brand.

Event & Sponsorship evaluation Amstel Gold Race

The main objectives of the research are to give insights into the…

  • appreciation of the Amstel Gold Race and the brand Amstel among participants of the Tourversion on Saturday and the VIP guests on Sunday.
  • brand effects: do participants and VIP guests feel differently about Amstel than other people?

Amstel Gold Race: multiple target groups

Originally, Amstel Gold Race was solely a professional cycling race. Nowadays, it has grown out to a full weekend for cycling enthusiasts. On Saturday there is an Amstel Gold Race Tourversion for amateur cyclists (15.000 participants). On Sunday, the Amstel Gold Race for professionals takes place (men and women). The race is part of the UCI World Tour, which means all WorldTour teams participate in the Amstel Gold Race.

Our event & sponsorship evaluation for the Amstel Gold Race focusses on different target audiences that are relevant for the event:

  • Evaluation among participants of the Tourversion for amateurs (communication, hospitality, entertainment, facilities, etc)
  • Evaluation of the VIP experience during the Amstel Gold Race for professionals on Sunday.

Insights contribute to optimisation of the event and the sponsorship impact

With the event & sponsorship evaluation we provide Amstel with insight into the strenghts and points of improvement for the events. Also, we evaluate the appreciation and experience of the event among different target groups and show the impact of the events on the Amstel brand.

All results are trended and compared with previous editions, which helps Amstel to get clear insight into the impact of any changes that have been made to the organisation of the event.

Our insights contribute to:

  • Optimisation of the organisation of the event
  • Improvement of the experience of participants and VIP guests
  • Increase of the impact of the event on the Amstel brand

Recent improvements

The research has led to many smaller and bigger improvements to the Amstel Gold Race event in the past years. Some recent examples:

  • Improvement of the water supply for participants in the ‘finish village’
  • More and better TV screens on the VIP location
  • Improvement of the experience and ‘cycling-atmosphere’ in the VIP location (stage setting)
  • Increased visibility of (other) sponsors

Research set-up: online survey directly after the event

Method: Online survey directly after the event; a mobile friendly questionnaire is sent out to the relevant target groups directly after the Amstel Gold Race weekend.

Target audience: Participants and VIP guests

Recruitment: Respondents for the VIP survey are recruited during the event itself (our recruiters collect e-mail addresses on the VIP location) and we use e-mail addresses of VIP ticket buyers. Respondents for the participant survey can be targeted through e-mail.

Unforeseen events: Before the survey is sent out to respondents, our event researcher checks if anything unforeseen has happened during the event, so we can add a last minute subject to the questionnaire if necessary (could be bad weather, traffic delays, incidents during the race, etc.).

Deliverables: The results are analysed by our sponsoring and event consultants and presented to the Amstel team. We deliver a topline report including clear and actionable conclusions and recommendations.

Global sponsorship research

Blauw Sponsorship Impact has a great deal of experience in the field of sponsorship research. Our insights contribute to the optimisation of sponsorships in domains like UEFA Champions League, Formula 1 and Formula E and we work for clients like Aston Martin, PepsiCo and Nissan.

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